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quad bikingin marrakech

Are you a true adventure seeker? On this quad tour in Agadir, we’ll enjoy a thrilling ride through its vast deserts, exploring Western Morocco in a unique….More Details

50€ /£43 Driver

Experience the thrills of driving a buggy in Agadir through Berber rural areas and Pre-Saharan terrain and complete the experience with a drive through…More Details

Be enchanted by the Moroccan charm of Agadir on a 3-hour guided tour.  admire the views from the Kasbah Fort and haggle like a local at the…More Details

25€ / £22 ADULT

Feel the rush of adrenaline when you surf down the dunes in Agadir! Try the little-known sport of Sandboarding in the beautiful setting of the…More Details

55€ / £48 ADULT 

Beach and Ocean Activities

Experience Stand-up Paddle Boarding at Agadir Bay next to Marina Beach. learning a new skill in Agadir. Ready to ride the waves of…More Details

50€ / £43 ADULT 

Make the most of your time on the Atlantic coast of Morocco learning a new skill with this surf class in Agadir. Ready to ride the waves of…More Details

55€ / £48  ADULT

Enjoy a day at sea, sailing along the Agadir coast. You will enjoy a delicious Moroccan lunch, bathe in the sun, and swim in the waters of the Atlantic…More Details

55€ / £48 ADULT

Experience the thrill of riding the waves of the Agadir coast on a jet ski. You do not need a license or permit to drive and we will collect you and drop…More Details

70€ / £60 ADULT

Nature & Landscapes Excursions

A perfect combo between mountain cliffs, argan trees and palm tree fields. A great option to discover the rural part of Agadir and its deep…More Details

€60.00 / £51 adult

 Enjoy a half-day trip to the big sand dunes of Agadir, just an hour drive north of Agadir along the Atlantic ocean.things to do in agadir…More Details

40€ / £35 ADULT

Enjoy a day surrounded by nature and the amazing landscape of Paradise Valley: rivers, palm trees, and rocks. Cool off in the natural pools…More Details 

20€ / ADULT 

Spend a once in a lifetime experience in the Moroccan Desert. Visit the Youssef ben Tachfine Dam, and marvel at the dunes of Rsmouka…More Details

55€ / £ 48 ADULT

Animal Friendly Tours

Tour Agadir on camelback and be mesmerized by the distinctive mountain landscape. An unforgettable experience on your trip…More Details

25€ / £21 ADULT

Sample local Moroccan gastronomy and admire a breathtaking sunset in the desert on our Sunset Camel Ride with Dinner in Agadir. It’ll be  magical…More Details

40€ /£35 ADULT

There is no better way to explore the coast of Agadir than from horseback. Connect with the beautiful nature of Morocco while enjoying the…More Details

30€ / £25 ADULT

The horseback ride in Agadir will take you to the highest mountain in Agadir through traditional Berber villages, to breathtaking views. where you can…More Details

60€ / £51 ADULT

Day Trips From Agadir

Discover the history of the legendary city of Essaouira on this day trip from Agadir – it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget! things to…More Details

40€ / £35  ADULT

 Take a day excursion to Taroudant from Agadir, to explore the 16th-century capital of the Saadian Empire.   Things to do from Agadir….More Details

40€ / £35 ADULT

Enjoy a day on the beach at the coastal city of Legzira. Relax on the sand, sample a Moroccan lunch, admire the famous red stone arches and visit Tiznit……More Details

60€ / £51 ADULT

Discover why on this guided day trip from Agadir, visiting its most important landmarks and monuments including Kutubiyya Mosque……More Details

45€ / £38 ADULT

Wildlife Parks in Agadir

Discover a huge number of crocodiles with this trip to Crocoparc from Agadir. This is a fun-filled experience for all the family…More Details

30€ / £ 25 ADULT

Dolphin World Show Activity In Agadir is one of the best activities in Agadir Morocco. Agadir Dolphin’s trip will amaze spectators of all ages…More Details

40€ / £35 ADULT

The National Park of Souss Massa was created in 1991, on a surface of 33.800 HA. This park aims to restore the Saharan Fauna in the…More Details

70€ / £60 ADULT

Get to see goats on the argan trees .they go up steep angles, jump from branches, and are quick to find spots where food grows. Things to do…More Details

30€ / £25  ADULT

Air Outdoor Activities In Agadir

Get a bird’s eye view over some of Morocco’s most stunning scenery on this exclusive hot air balloon ride in Agadir. Rides are timed to coincide…More Details

250€ / £215 ADULT

Agadir Cable Car is the first cable car in Morocco that connects the departure station to “the Kasbah of Agadir Oufella”. and Coco Polizzi medina…More Details

30€ / £25 ADULT

Fly like the eagle and try a new and original experience, the paragliding experience is for adrenaline sports lovers and for people who love to try…More Details

120€ / £103 ADULT

Agadir all terrain electric scooter and the fat bike will definitely provide an extra boost to your leisure time in Morocco. Agadir fat bikes provide the best E-scooter tours in the…More Details

€70.00 / £60 adult

day trip to Imsouane, a charming fishing village located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast with delicious Fish BBQ, your chosen fish, and lunch prepared by local fishermen…More Details

€70.00 / £60 adult

 This trip combines both the Agadir trip to Paradise Valley and Agadir trip to the Sahara desert sand dunes, where the sand dunes meet the Atlantic…More Details

70€ / £60 ADULT

Discover the secrets of Morocco’s cuisine on this unforgettable experience, where you will learn how to cook some of the highlights of the…More Details

€60.00 / £51 adult

Spend two days between Essaouira and Marrakech and get the opportunity to see some “flying goats” climbing the Argan trees looking for fresh nuts….More Details 

90€ / £77 ADULT

Tours, Excursions and Things to do in Agadir.