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Goats on the trees trip from Agadir

€30.00 per adult
Goats on the tree is a curious sight in the regions of Agadir, where goats are seen climbing trees to feed on leaves and fruits of the Argan trees due to the lack of food on the ground.

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2 hours
Air-conditioned transportation
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Goats on the trees trip from Agadir.

Embark on a unique adventure and witness the peculiar sight of goats perched on the branches of Argan trees on the Goats on Trees trip from Agadir.

The tour starts with a comfortable ride through the picturesque countryside of the Souss region, where you can admire the scenic beauty of the landscape, dotted with palm groves, olive trees, and fruit orchards. After driving for a while, you'll start noticing herds of goats grazing on the leaves and fruits of the Argan trees, but what's more surprising is that some of them are climbing the trees and hanging out on the branches, munching away happily.

Goats on Argan trees in Agadir

The Argan tree is indigenous to Morocco and is known for its valuable oil, which is used in cosmetics, cooking, and medicine. The goats play an essential role in the production of Argan oil, as they help to disperse the seeds of the tree by eating the fruits and excreting the seeds, which are then collected and pressed to extract the oil. The sight of the goats on the tree is not only a delightful spectacle but also an intriguing insight into the local way of life and traditions.

After spending some time watching the Goats on Tree and taking pictures, the tour continues to a nearby Argan oil cooperative, where you can see the traditional process of extracting the oil and learn about its various uses and benefits. You can also purchase some authentic Argan oil products, such as soaps, creams, and cosmetics, as souvenirs or gifts.

Overall, the Goats on Trees trip from Agadir is a must-see attraction for nature lovers, animal enthusiasts, and curious travelers who want to experience something truly unique and unforgettable.

Why Do Goats Climb on Trees in Agadir?

In Agadir, it is a common sight to see goats climbing trees in search of food. These agile creatures are able to climb trees as high as 10 meters, thanks to their unique hooves and dewclaws that allow them to grip and hold onto surfaces. The goats are often seen climbing the Argan trees, which are native to Morocco and grow in the arid regions of the country.

The goats' ability to climb trees is truly remarkable, and it's amazing to see them scaling steep angles and jumping from branch to branch in search of food. They are attracted to the sweet smell of the Argan fruit, which they are able to digest despite the hard outer layer.

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Pick up & Meeting
  • Pick up from hotels in Agadir
  • Pick-up from hotels in Taghazout is an extra 20€ transfer from Taghazout to Agadir fees
Pick-up time from the hotel
  • ​​​Morning at 8:15​
Return time to hotel
  • Around 10:00​
Goats on Trees trip from Agadir Prices
  • €30.00 / adult​
  • €15.00 / child (1-12)​
Price Includes
  • Hotel pick-up from Agadir
  • Hotel drop-off in Agadir​
  • Air-conditioned transportation
  • ​Local tour guide (English and French)
Price does not Include
  • Food & ​Drinks
Free Cancellation
  • Cancel up to 48 hours in advance to receive a full refund.

Price Includes

  • ✅  Hotel pick-up from Agadir 
  • ✅  Hotel drop-off in Agadir
  • ✅  Air-conditioned transportation
  • ✅  Tour guide 
  • ✅  Up to 1 hour of free time with goats
  • ✅  Photos newborn baby goats
  • ❌​  ​Food and drinks​

Pick-up from hotels in Taghazout is an extra 20€ transfer from Taghazout to Agadir fees

6 reviews for Goats on the trees trip from Agadir

  1. Sophie

    We went to see the goats on trees and this tour was brilliant. Pick up was easy and on time in an air conditioned vehicle. We were fortunate enough to get the tour on our own so had the opportunity to take lots of photos and even hold a baby goat. The animals look well cared for. Would definitely recommend.

  2. adam

    I had an amazing time on the Goats on Trees trip in Agadir! The tour guide was very knowledgeable about the local culture and wildlife, and seeing the goats perched up in the argan trees was such a unique and unforgettable sight.

  3. dounia

    The Goats on Trees trip was definitely the highlight of my trip to Agadir. It’s not every day that you get to see goats climbing trees! The tour was well-organized and informative, and I learned a lot about the argan oil industry in Morocco.

  4. Hassan

    If you’re looking for something fun and different to do in Agadir, I highly recommend the Goats on Trees trip. It’s a great way to get out of the city and experience the beautiful Moroccan countryside. Plus, who doesn’t love adorable goats?

  5. Jalale

    The Goats on Trees trip exceeded my expectations. The scenery was breathtaking and the goats were just too cute. Our guide was very friendly and answered all of our questions. I would definitely do this tour again

  6. Idress

    I had so much fun on the Goats on Trees trip! It’s not just about the goats – we also got to visit a local cooperative and learn about the production of argan oil. It was a very informative and enjoyable tour. Highly recommend!

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