Camel ride in Agadir

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  • ✅  Hotel pick-up from Agadir and Taghazout
  • ✅  Hotel drop-off in Agadir and Taghazout
  • ✅  Air-Conditioned Transportation
  • ✅  Guided camel ride tour
  • ✅  ​An hour camel ride tour 
  • ✅  Moroccan mint tea and snacks.
  • ❌​  ​Food
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2 hours
Air-conditioned transportation
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Special offer


Camel ride in Agadir

Experience the beauty and tranquility of the Moroccan desert by joining our Camel Ride in Agadir tour. Our experienced guides will take you on a journey through the breathtaking dunes of the Sahara, where you can witness the beauty and serenity of the desert up close. You’ll have the chance to explore the stunning landscapes of the Agadir region, including rolling sand dunes, lush palm groves, and rugged mountains. Our Agadir camel ride tour is perfect for adventure seekers, nature lovers, or anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. During your camel trekking adventure, you’ll learn about the local flora and fauna and experience Moroccan culture and traditions by visiting a traditional Berber village to enjoy a refreshing cup of mint tea with the locals. The Camel Ride in Agadir tour includes Moroccan mint tea and snacks, and you can choose to enjoy these refreshments at any time during your ride. You can choose between the 1-hour Camel Ride in Agadir tour or the 3-hour Camel Ride in Agadir tour, depending on your schedule and preferences. It’s important to wear loose and comfortable clothing, such as long pants and a loose-fitting shirt or tunic, to ensure your comfort and safety. It is also recommended to avoid wearing jeans during the summer season in Morocco as they are too hot. For those riding during the winter season, it’s recommended to dress in layers to keep warm. Our Camel Ride in Agadir tour starts with pick-up from hotels in Agadir and Taghazout, with a pick-up time of 18:00. The tour lasts from 18:00 to 21:00 and includes hotel drop-off in Agadir and Taghazout. The price includes air-conditioned transportation, a guided camel ride tour in English and French, and Moroccan mint tea and snacks. The price does not include drinks. The weight limit for a camel ride in Morocco can vary depending on the tour operator and the size and strength of the camels. Generally, most tour operators have a weight limit of around 220 pounds (100 kg) for a single rider. Morocco is well known for its camel rides, and there are several places in the country where you can experience this unique adventure. Agadir is one of the popular camel riding destinations in Morocco, offering camel rides on the beach with an ocean view. Book your Camel Ride in Agadir tour today and experience the natural beauty and cultural richness of Morocco.

Camel Ride FAQ

  • where to ride camels in morocco.
Morocco is well known for its camel rides, and there are several places in the country where you can experience this unique adventure. Here are some of the popular camel riding destinations in Morocco:Agadir: Agadir is another coastal city that offers camel rides on the beach. You can take a sunset camel ride and enjoy the ocean view.
  • what to wear on a camel ride in morocco
It’s important to wear appropriate clothing to ensure your comfort and safety. Here are some tips on what to wear: Loose and comfortable clothing: It’s important to wear loose and comfortable clothing, such as long pants and a loose-fitting shirt or tunic. Avoid tight clothing or anything that restricts your movement.
  • camel ride weight limit morocco
The weight limit for a camel ride in Morocco can vary depending on the tour operator and the size and strength of the camels. Generally, most tour operators have a weight limit of around 220 pounds (100 kg) for a single rider.
  • how much is a camel ride in morocco
The cost of a camel ride in Morocco can vary depending on the location, duration, and type of ride you choose Marocknroll


14 reviews for Camel ride in Agadir

  1. Bryan Watts

    very good experience , the tour guide was very nice and very professional , the tour was awesome and we did enjoy every second of it , we recommend this tour to everyone .

  2. María Isabel

    We really liked the ride with the Scooby-Doo and Atlas camels, the guides were very attentive, although they only speak a little English, little Spanish but he learns quickly, Mohammed was very attentive and took the photos for us and commented on the places, everything a little rough, but fine. We went to the mouth of the Sus River and saw many Flamingos. At the end they invited us to a very rich Moorish tea.

  3. fati

    It was nice, but started at place that looked like garbage dump, took quite a long time to get to the river. Journey was long and riding camel is not very comfortable, but nice experience. It was possible to book it only for 6pm, when guide picked us up, said that it will be better to start at 7pm, because of sunset and brought us to some places. I dont know if that was purpose, but it was nice from him.

  4. lizza

    Hussein, our guide, was brilliant. Brian who walked us with the camels was also fantastic. Very welcoming and friendly people, which is just what you want. Took lots of pictures for us along the way and also made us a turban to withstand the heat. The ride itself was great – very quiet and peaceful where you go. We saw the flamingos in the river. Camels were well behaved. The food afterwards was great, 3 courses, they definitely don’t skimp on this part. All in all, for the price vs value received, it has to be the worth anyone’s time and money doing this trip. Highly recommended.

  5. carolina maat

    Honestly could not fault it. Our guide Younis was lovely, spoke many languages, was funny and knowledgeable. The animals are clearly loved and well looked after, saw many discreet little strokes and kisses from the guides to the animals. The experience was almost 3 hours long and we went to a lake and even saw flamingos. Only part that wasn’t nice was the litter everywhere which seems to be an issue in Morocco.

  6. lura

    Una experiencia genial!! Tuvimos un problema a la hora de la recogida en el hotel pero fueron muy atentos y resolutivos y nos incorporamos al grupo con total normalidad. Durante el paseo nuestro acompañante nos hizo fotos increíbles y al finalizar nos ofrecieron un té. Una pena que el tiempo no acompañase para ver el atardecer ya que estaba nublado, pero sin duda lo recomiendo!

  7. juan

    First time riding camels and the experience was so fun! At the middle of the ride, we got to stop and see the sunset and take pictures on our camels. At the end, the very friendly tour guide made tea for us in a tent and we exchanged stories about our countries. I definitely recommend!

  8. sanaa

    When first arriving in Agadir, we had only booked this trip for 5 people but the other 3 in our group decided they also wanted to join us. Not a problem for the lovely mo who organised everything. 2 of our group members are over 80 years old and mo along with her camel handlers made it so easy for all members of our group to get on & off the camels! The ride was also suitable for the group members who had artificial knees 😊

  9. Daniel

    Friendly guide. Good amount of time. Organisers were really good to reorganise due to poor weather forecast. Good experience.

  10. natasha

    We booked this trip online and at first were not sure what to expect and were ready for a 15 minute camel ride. How wrong we were!
    We were picked up and dropped off from our hotel (included in the price) and when we arrived were greeted by very friendly tour guides who dressed us in authentic “camel riding robes” before helping us up onto our camels.
    We were then taken for a 1-hour walk around the palm groves with beautiful views of the Atlas mountains. Our tour guide (Abdul) was fabulous, giving us in-depth knowledge of the surrounding area, as well as general cultural information about Morocco. Half-way around we stopped for a honey, mint and olive tea break in an authentic Berker tent. What a treat!
    We would definitely recommend this trip. We did the 10am slot as it was very hot in the afternoons but there is also a sunset trip which goes out and I would imagine it’s just as spectacular!

  11. Rym

    Thank you very much for your words , we are very happy to read your review , and more happy that you enjoyed your camel riding with us . looking forward to see you again in another time , you always welcome to Morocco.

  12. jonathan

    Amazing experience for 2 hrs of camel riding just me and my girlfriend x The driver who picked us up was friendly and in time. The stables where we were dropped of was “real” flies and all !!
    The journey at first is through a building/rubble tipped area but once you go past that it’s absolutely amazing.

  13. Petra

    I went with a friend. Hotel pick up was prompt and right on time. I really loved the camels, they were lovely. The camel carers were also on the face friendly. Some negatives though – the camels constantly seemed bothered by flies and were always trying to kick them off their neck. I wonder if there can be something that helps the camels for this. The quad biking was also a once in a lifetime experience. You just have to try it

  14. Bradley kilshaw

    So I was booked this tour to Croco Park and then a sunset camel ride as a Christmas present and I can honestly say it was such a great messing from Morocknroll Tours..great owner turned up bang on time and drove safely to the Croco Park..really chatty and friendly and the park was excellent,really clean and all the crocs looked in great condition! and the Park had lots of beautiful plants and hidden little extras that won’t disappointed.. when I finished straight outside the tour owner was there waiting and took me back to my hotel to wait just 30 mins for the camel guy to pick me up as arranged..he was a nice character and got me to the camels safely..the ride and the camels guide was excellent and was a great couple of hours,same again lots of little extras like flamingoes and beautiful fauna..all in all a really good your operator amd would highly recommend him..

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