Agadir Guided City Tour, Sightseeing, and Cultural Gems

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  • ✅  Hotel pick-up from Agadir
  • ✅  Hotel drop-off in Agadir
  • ✅  Air-conditioned transportation
  • ✅  Local tour guide
  • ✅  Visit the old Kasbah of Agadir​
  • ✅  Free time in Souk el Hed (Local market)
  • ✅  Drive through the Marina of Agadir
  • ✅  Drive through the backstage of Agadir
  • ✅  Optional argan Cooperation visit
  • ❌​  ​​Food and Drinks
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3 hours
Air-conditioned transportation
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Discovering Agadir: Your Ultimate City Tour Guide

Embark on a captivating City Tour in Agadir, a journey seamlessly blending history, culture, and local charm. Your adventure begins with a convenient hotel pick-up in Agadir or Taghazout, setting the stage for an enriching Guided Tour.

Exploring the Azure Beauty of Marina Agadir

Our first destination is the picturesque Marina of Agadir, where the azure waters meet the vibrant cityscape. Your knowledgeable guide will provide insights into the significance and allure of this coastal gem, setting the tone for a day filled with discovery and unparalleled Sightseeing.

Ascending to Agadir Oufela: Home to Ancient Kasbah

Next, ascend to the breathtaking Agadir Oufela, home to the ancient Kasbah of Agadir. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this mountainous retreat as you take in panoramic views of the city below, experiencing the city’s Tourist Attractions.

Mosque and Historical Sites: Unveiling Cultural Significance

The journey continues to the Mosque, a testament to Agadir’s cultural tapestry and a cornerstone of its Historical Sites. A highlight of your tour awaits at the Cooperative of Argan House, where first-time visitors can delve into the intricate process of producing Argan oil, offering a unique Cultural Experience.

Souk el Hed: Vibrant Local Market Experience

Indulge in free time at Souk el Hed, the vibrant local market pulsating with the energy of Agadir. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or a first-time explorer, the market offers a sensory feast of sights, sounds, and flavors—a perfect opportunity for Local Cuisine exploration.

Whisked Back to Your Hotel: Cherished Memories

As the day winds down, we’ll whisk you back to the reception of your hotel, leaving you with cherished memories of a day well spent in Agadir, filled with Top Things to Do. Immerse yourself in the city’s allure, from its historical landmarks to the bustling market, all expertly woven into a seamless and unforgettable Walking Tour experience.

Book Your Agadir City Guided Tour: Unveil the Heart and Soul

Book your Agadir City Guided Tour now for a journey that goes beyond the surface, unveiling the heart and soul of this Moroccan gem. Discover Hidden Gems, interact with locals, sample traditional treats, and gather Travel Tips for a truly immersive experience.

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3 reviews for Agadir Guided City Tour, Sightseeing, and Cultural Gems

  1. Ben

    Just returned from a week in Agidir, It was an experience to remember. Restaraunts are many, The Scampi, Maurices, Camel Steakhouse recommended. Ask to look at menu before sitting down. We hurriedly exited from one which was particularly grotty, but you don’t have to fly to Morroco to find that. We never frequented main beach, but one just outside Agidir, take the number 60 bus, cost approx 4 dirhams (be prepared for the smell of fish as the locals transport their purchase of fresh fish by this means of transport) and get off at beach camping site.

    Tour operator excursions for us were Taradount and Tartoufe. They were very good, but be prepared to find all is not inclusive (e.g Donkeys are 20 dirhams, but you will be hassled for more, it annoyed me, but if the shoe were on the other foot…..)We were informed by a local European that Arabs cannot talk to tourists except only to do buisness, so nothing is for nothing, therefore we found that conversation are to be rewarded, but cost of living is extremly cheap so make up your own mind. Not a lot of info from the tour guide was in English, but we found French and German fellow tourists more than willing to translate.

  2. Kim

    having just returned form a 2 week break in agadir i thought it would be useful to pass on a few tips that really would have helped me.

    Take cash rather than traveller cheques, as it is a lot of hassle to change them. All hotels should have a safe in the rooms to keep money etc safe.

    If going on a girls only holiday as i did, be prepared to have guys say things to you when you are walking about, in some cases even try to follow you especially at night. It was very stressful at first but once we knew our way around and just ignored any comments etc, had a much better time.

    Agadir is good but don’t expect it to be like a typical beach holiday in a Spainish resort.

    If you know a few words in french it would help as the second most spoken language after arabic is french.

    It can get cool at night so take a light jacket.

    We stayed at the Hotel Kamal and found it to be really clean, staff really lovely and would go back without any worries.

  3. harry

    just back from holiday to agadir with girlfriend. couldnt wait to get out of place. stayed in tillia hotel which was 2 star and fine but agadir itself is so soulless. the people of agadir not involved in tourism would not even make eye contact with us whilst the street traders, etc never leave you alone. i felt i was simply a walking wallet and no more. the first time my girlfriend went for a walk on her own, she was immediately approached by a male who pestered her, when she didnt response he suddenly berated her telling her to go back to where she came from. do these people not understand that we as tourists are being approached and interrupted like this twenty times a day? we did not meet one single genuine person from agadir that had not some alterior motive for being friendly. even the waitress in hotel that we had been generously tipping and chatting to all week, charged me for a glass of water and tissue she offered me when she spotted me spilling beetroot juice on my pants. countless occasions in which we were lied to or tried to be taken advantage of. have travelled alot but was totally disillusioned with agadir. will never return

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