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Why do goats climb trees in Morocco?

goats on trees

Goats are known for being herd animals, but they have been climbing trees since ancient times. In fact, they have domesticated around 10,000 years ago in Africa, where they were first used for meat and milk production. Today, goats are still raised for their milk, cheese, and leather products. Goats are also kept as pets, and some people even keep them as guard dogs.

In Morocco, goats are often seen roaming free in the mountains, and many locals believe that these goats are actually wild goats who have adapted to live off the land. These goats are not domesticated, and they are not afraid of humans. They are often found in groups of about 20-30 individuals.

The goats in Morocco are known to eat fruit from the trees, and they are able to climb trees using their horns. Their long legs allow them to easily reach the branches, and they use their hooves to push themselves upward.

As incredible as this may sound, the goats actually climb these trees on their own. And they even seem to have a good time up there. But you should know that these are not just any trees. These are the much sought-after Argania Spinosa, known as Argan. The tree is native to the calcareous semidesert Sous Valley, in the southwest part of Morocco.

goats on trees

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